In honor of the South Carolina Presidential Primary our Email Interview today features South Carolina political consultant and internet entrepreneur Wesley Donehue.

Wesley is the owner of Donehue Direct that specializes in online branding, political consulting, campaign management, issue advocacy, fundraising and advertising.

Wesley also co-hosts Pub Politics, a weekly web cast that combines beer and politics.





The Email Interview: Wesley Donehue

BB: Of all of the Presidential candidates, who is winning the social and digital media game in South Carolina?

WD: Mitt Romney is dominating online by investing real resources on development and advertising. No one else even comes close.

BB: Has social media made the South Carolina Presidential primary more negative or less negative than in the past?

WD: Most people would argue that it allows for more negativity, but in South Carolina, I find that it has cut down on the anonymous dirty tricks. Because everyone is carrying around a photo camera and video camera in their pockets with access to the web, campaign operatives know that they can’t get away with stupid stuff like in the past.

BB: What are your top social media pet peeves from candidates?

WD: Boring and insincere social media. Social media is supposed to be just that… social, not some one-way communication platform. Would you go up to a person, just start talking, never let them get in a word and never answer their questions?  It’s rude as hell and it’s how most candidates are treating social media.

BB: When are you going to write a book? Seriously.

WD: As soon as I can find the time. I have some fun stories to share, but I’m having trouble pumping out two paragraphs a day for my blog (which you should be reading at

Seriously, I’m trying to write a motivational book that lets people know that you can come from crap and do great things with your future.

BB: How many hours a night do you normally sleep?

WD: I try to get eight hours of sleep a night. A lot of operatives judge work ethic by lack of sleep, but I find it to be pretty silly. The less sleep people get, the less creative they become.

Instead of cutting into sleep time, I block off every single minute of the day from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. I cut out needless conference calls, meetings and Internet surfing. I also only check my email a few times a day and watch little to no TV.  I just work and sleep.

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